Everybody's a Star

Self-Esteem, Bedtime & Wind-down — 1:27



Self Esteem

  • What is something you enjoy that your friends don’t?
  • What is something your friends enjoy that you don’t?
  • Is it ok to not like the same things?
  • How do you handle it when someone doesn’t like what you like?
  • How do you handle it when you don’t like their thing?
  • What would it be like on the playground if everyone liked the exact same thing and only wanted to do that one thing?

Bedtime and Wind Down

  • Use a calm, gentle voice leading into wind down time.
  • Be encouraging with your words, slow your movements so you do not project high energy which may create a sense of anxiousness with the child.
  • This is a time to use positive reinforcement through your words and actions. The music will support the calming environment you are trying to create and should be played no louder than a speaking voice. By displaying the behaviors and actions that you wish to see you in your child, they will better understand what you are asking of them.